Gnarshmallow! Rip up the snow from your computer chair.


  • ‣ Arrow keys to turn, spin, flip, brake, and butter. OR WASD to turn, spin, flip, brake, and butter
  • ‣ G or H to Lincoln Loop left and right
  • ‣ Z or J = mute grab
  • ‣ There are others to discover…
  • ‣ HOME will reset the skier
  • ‣ Click on the game if the keys don’t work.
  • ‣ Turn on ‘Use Start Point’ if you want to always start your line from the same spot.


  • ‣ Click on ‘Options’ on the top left and hit the Edit button. You’ll be able to click and drag the level and certain terrain features around.
  • ‣ Press Zoom Out to get an overview of the whole mountain and move things farther.
  • ‣ Click Ride (and Zoom In if you’ve zoomed out) to ride your new mountain.
  • ‣ Click on ‘Options’ again to hide the menu.