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Pladra Flannel Shirt

A quality, ski-to-street flannel to help you find and channel your spirit animal

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Price: $119 +

Sizes: Men's S-XXL, Women's XS-L

Materials: All shirts are 100% cotton and completely machine washable for easy care

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It's around this time every year skiers across North American endure one of the most challenging rituals of our people—attempting to reintegrate into society. For the past four or fives months, we've succumbed to less-than-regular bathing, we have convinced ourselves that changing from long underwear to jeans constitutes dressing up, and we have adapted a number of other behaviors society at large would wrinkle their noses at.

But as the days get longer and summer sun beckons us to dust ourselves off and rejoin the masses, it's important to make the transition slowly and carefully. Any drastic or rapid changes could result in severe culture shock coupled with a long list of unpleasant side effects. Thankfully, the San Fran-based crew at Pladra has fashioned a special tool to help us make the switch from skier to human safely.

I've owned a mountain of flannel shirts over the years, but when I buttoned into the women’s Peregrine shirt, I said out loud, "I feel like this is something I'm going to have for life.' Now that I've worn it more times than I care to admit, I know it's true.

Made from mid-weight 100 percent cotton flannel, this super soft shirt is ideal for spring and fall weather. It's extremely comfortable and the fit is on point, and true to size, especially for someone with a long torso and longer limbs. The Peregrine is darted in the front and back for a more modern and fitted look, but it's not so uptight anyone would mistake me for a city folk. It's the kind of shirt you can feel good in wearing to your favorite local bar, or camping this summer, or to the office. By next spring, it should be well worn in for hot laps and parking lot tailgating. Essentially, Pladra strikes a perfect balance: your ski bum friends won't think you're uptight, and your college friends who went on to make partner at dad's law firm will think you have a job. Ski cred meets street cred.

But the best part of this shirt is revealed when you roll up your sleeves to reveal your secret spirit animal. Different animal fabrics line the cuffs, collar, and back yoke of every shirt. My vapor grey Pladra? Wolves. The men's Elli in buckeye blue? Grizzlies. There are options for elk, moose, trout, even turkeys. Show your inner animal, or don't. The when and where is up to you.

Skiing hot: In a time where so many products are practically disposable, it's encouraging to find a made-in-USA product that is going to last. To me, that’s worth investing in.

Skiing not: You may start to get some sideways glances from coworkers if you wear your Pladra every day. At least keep some Febreeze at your desk to freshen up.