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Flylow Presley Riding Hoody

A functional women's mid-layer to wear year-round

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Price: $130

Sizes: XS-LG

Weight: 300 grams

Materials: 100% Polyester hard-faced fleece

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I've been six feet tall since junior high, which is to say I've spent a majority of my life wearing clothes that are just too short. But when I zipped into the Flylow Presley Riding Hoody, I was stoked to find that the fleecy mid-layer (size medium) actually fit. The extra-long sleeves and long fit through the torso are welcome features to a hoody that is both comfortable and functional. The tall collar zips up to your nose, which is great for spring days when you need little to keep warm but still seek protection from the wind and sun. The generous hood fits comfortably over a helmet and is also great for burrowing into to catch some shut-eye on a long flight or a quick nap during lunch at the lodge. Almost elbow-deep pockets make the fit extra comfortable (just don't loose anything way down there).

Made with 100 percent polyester hard-faced fleece (meaning it's less breathable than traditional fleece, but more durable and insulated) and Durable Water Repellent, it's complete enough to fly solo on mild days while being slim enough to layer under a more wind- and waterproof shell as needed. The Presley Riding Hoody is something I'll wear year-round.

Skiing Hot: This jacket is ideal for winter layering, spring skiing, cool summer nights, and hiking in the woods in the fall.

Skiing Not: When the collar is zipped down, the massive hood hangs a bit low, which sort of feels like you're wearing a cape. (Not the worst thing, just don't try to leap tall buildings in a single bound.)