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Price: $MSRP $75

Features: Tarp-lined ski boot compartment
Helmet pocket
Padded shoulder straps
Zippered front pocket

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I had dismissed using a boot bag for way too long. Instead, I stuffed all my goggles/socks/hats/helmet/gloves/buffs, and yes, my boots, into my ski bag. Which usually meant it was overweight, and there I was in the airport check-in line unzipping my luggage and pulling out my ski boots to carry on my flight.

Then I saw the light, thanks to a pro-boot bag colleague who drilled it into my head that I had been doing it all wrong this entire time. So I ordered the 50L Dakine Boot Pack.

I became a boot-bag convert. Boot bags are a free piece of luggage, according to airlines, when you check it in with your ski bag. Fifty liters is a lot of space—almost as much space as some of my suitcases and way more space than you need for just a pair of ski boots.

The only thing, I never used it as a backpack, because I usually already travel with one as a carry-on for my computer. But still, the wide straps make it easy to carry and sling on the handle of another piece of luggage.

Here’s what I didn’t anticipate: my boot pack made me more organized, and I used it all winter long, not just while traveling. With two pockets in addition to the tarp-lined main pocket for your ski boots, I had plenty of room to store and organize all of my ski accessories.

This winter, my boot pack became my ski locker, and even better for the fact that I could carry it wherever I went. When I carpooled to Mount Hood with a friend after work, I closed my computer, grabbed my pack, and threw it in the back of her car without having to triple check that I brought my boots/socks/gloves/goggles/helmet. It was all in the same place I left it after the last time I went skiing. On a long road trip, all the odds and ends were easy to find, despite the fact that my Subaru was completely full of bags upon bags, and skis. Now that I’m home, my boot pack is neatly stored in my closet, giving me easy access to my ski accessories. This summer, I’m looking forward to the easy long-term storage.

Note to interested buyers, next season, the boot pack gets even more handy with cooler storage, upping your après game for tailgating in the parking lot. Stay tuned for the Boot Pack DLX 55L (MSRP $75).

So, how much stuff does the Dakine Boot Pack 50L hold?

1 pair of ski boots
1 jacket
3 pairs of gloves
3 beanies
1 puffy jacket, in a stuff sack
1 helmet
3 pairs of goggles
2 buffs
…with plenty of room to spare.