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Price: $320

Dimensions: 36H x 16W x 15D IN.

Weight: 9.13 LBS.

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For six months of the year, I live out of a suitcase and a ski bag. I’ve been doing this for a little while now. Initially, I would haphazardly throw piles into bags late the night before a trip. Over time, I realized that if I wanted to make this lifestyle sustainable, and sane, I had to take control of what I could and develop an on-the-road organizational strategy.

My travel system became a lot easier when I got the Osprey Shuttle duffel bag. It has a pocket at its base, that, if I angle them just the right way, can hold my ski boots and my Blundstones. A panel pocket on the back side is perfect for the excessive stash of magazines I typically travel with. The 130 liter bag has plenty of space, which is good, because I am a skier, and I need all of it. Pockets that line both interior sides are ideal for socks and underwear. The big mesh pouch on the inside main panel of the bag is great for dirty clothes. The main compartment has plenty of room for outerwear and a week’s worth of clothing. My eternal challenge with this bag (and all bags, really) is toeing that 50 pound airline limit.

I’m not easy on my shit. I throw this thing around and drag it through mud and slush and across cobblestone. A tough nylon has yet to show any wear. Meanwhile, the wheels and handle are always smooth. The bag also has a “straight jacket” style compression system for when the bag isn’t full, but I’ve never needed it.