Train Hard, Play Hard: Salewa Ultra Train

Get your ski legs back with the Ultra Train's help

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Details Details

Price: $139

Sizes: M 6-13,

Intended Use: Mountain Training

Features: Michelin Technical Soles, Adaptive Eyelets, Motion Guidance, 3F System

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Time to pack away the man-kini, winter is knocking on the door and things are about to get awesome. As much as we'd all like to think we retained our hard-earned ski muscles built over months of slogging uphill in less than glorious conditions, the reality is they've taken a sabbatical and coaxing them back is going to take some work.

Just like when you're on the slopes, the right footwear can make or break your training experience. Salewa's Ultra Train shoe is specifically designed for mountain training but versatile enough to wear to the gym when it's time to bust out some weighted Bulgarian split squats. The sculpted and grooved design of the Michelin Technical Soles are inspired by mountain bike tires and provide plenty of traction on trails when it's time for uphill intervals (ugh). Feet stay snugly in place (stability, check) thanks to an easy lacing system (just pull the cord to tighten laces) and 3F System that helps keep your foot in place by connecting the instep are of the shoe to the sole and heel. Flexibility (when you need it), support, and fit are so dialed in the Ultra Train you might actually look forward to to training ’till you puke.

Got your footwear dialed and not sure where to go from there? Try connecting with the experts—Connie Sciolino of Boulder, Colorado's Alpine Training Center has been training mountain athletes—professional and not—for years and takes the guessing out of ski training. Six-week ski-specific virtual training programs, available through Train Heroic's online marketplace, are challenging, but easy to execute with minimal equipment. The six-week program costs $50 and will leave you feeling ready to conquer winter.