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It's been a while since I had a jacket that was made just for wearing in town. Usually, I just wear my ski jacket everywhere. And that works, but it also puts my ski jacket through a lot of extra use it wasn't particularly designed for. The quick walks to the grocery store, the late night stumbles home from the bar, the cold mornings when you take the trash out to the street—these are the moments when you grab a long, puffy parka hanging by the door and pull it on without a thought.

Stio's Shot 7 Down Parka was designed for exactly this. Made with down—800-fill Allied Feather HyperDRY water-repellent down—it's warm. So warm that I've found that it's too much to wear on anything but the coldest, stormiest days of the year. When it's snowing especially hard, the Pertex Shield fabric kicks in to protect you from the elements.

Fit-wise, I love how long the Shot 7 is. The bottom hem hits just above the knees, and while it's a trim cut, it has room to zip over my hips. The inside lining is quilted which makes it feel even more like a down comforter. I also love the cuffs with thumbholes to keep the sleeves up high and the snow out. —Julie Brown