PHOTO: David Reddick
PHOTO: David Reddick

Allergic to Sleeves? Try This Vest

SmartWool’s Double Propulsion 60 hooded vest is the perfect balance of hot and cold

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Price: $ $160

Sizes: XS-XL

Features: • Semi-Form fit
• SmartLoft wool insulation on front, back, and hood of jacket
• NTS Mid 250 sides for ease of movement and breathability
• Insulation is lined in Merino for sweat and odor management
• 2 secure zip hand pockets; Drawcord allows for adjustable hood fit

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PHOTO: David Reddick

Remember when college campuses everywhere were filled with young women who couldn't decide if they were hot or cold? I'm talking about the sinful craze of wearing Ugg boots with skirts, a trend that I believe has since died off, thank heaven above. Logically, if it's warm enough for a skirt, it's too hot for wool boots, and vice versa.

Oddly enough, when skiing, wearing something that is both sleeveless and made of wool, makes perfect sense. New from SmartWool, the Double Propulsion 60 hooded vest is a solid second layer to zip up over the world’s softest long underwear for keeping my temperature regulated on the mountain.

SmartLoft insulation on the front and back keeps vital organs warm, which means my core isn't hogging all the blood from my fingers and toes. My body can share the wealth with my appendages because my heart and kidneys are taken care of.

The sleeveless design (also known as a vest) keeps the pendulum from swinging too far in the other direction where I'm frantically unzipping every vent I can find at the bottom of each run to get some relief from the sauna I've created inside my jacket. The fit is true to size, hits long in the torso, and it’s lightweight and packs up tight.

Prefer sleeves? Try this hooded midlayer.

DWR treated, wind-resistant polyester panels stop wind and moisture when I’m wearing this as an outer layer for a spring shred too, or on the skin track when you need some weather protection but you’re also sweating enough to water the grass. The Mid 250 baselayer fabric in the side panels is breathable enough you can stay insulated without overheating.

I also like wearing this vest as a second layer because it doesn't inhibit mobility. I want the warmth, but too many layers on my arms feels restricting. I think I hate that feeling even more than being cold—and this vest prevents it more times than not.

The slight asymmetrical zipper keeps the metal from rubbing on my chin and neck when I zip up, pull up my hood, and channel Million Dollar Baby (the part before it gets unbearably sad).

Bonus feature: You can machine wash this thing on the cold gentle cycle and tumble dry low.