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These Ski Boots Mean Business

The Salomon X Max 110w is here to get 'er done

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Price: $725

Sizes: 22-27.5

Materials: Polyurethane, Polyamide

Flex: 110

Last: 98mm

Features: 360 Custom Shell, 3D Custom Liner, TwinFrame Technology, 4 Micro Alu Buckles, 35 mm Velcro Power Strap

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With their first boot launching 35-plus years ago, Salomon has had plenty of time for trial and error; evolving the original super rad, rear-entry boots into today's X Max 110w—a stiff, high-performance boot for women.

Before I get too far, I should be honest with you: boot reviews are somewhat biased. Everyone’s feet are different, so it's only fair to disclose that my feet are narrow-ish and lower volume before I tell you that the out of the box fit on these was nearly perfect.

The X Max 110w first launched in 2012, so this powerhouse is by no means new—but it is definitely still relevant. The 110 flex is as stiff as it gets for Salomon women's boots and these booties were not made for your mom (unless she rips). It takes serious power to find the sweet spot, but once you get there, performance—in the form of drive, energy transmission, and snow feel—is on point. The Twinframe design blends a Polyurethane (the most common plastic found in alpine boots) shell with a Polyamide (think super stiff plastic) chassis, allowing the boot to be solid without too much rigidity and just enough rebound. The shell and liner are both fully customizable to ensure fit is dialed for maximum performance, should the out-of-the-box 98 millimeter last be less than ideal. Small rubber guard rails fill gaps in the overlap of the boot to keep moisture out, but are a lost cause when you forget to buckle your boots (user error, I admit it). Final gripe: don’t forget, those alpine DIN soles are slick. Check yourself before you get in line for the gondola, or you could find yourself getting cozy with the pavement at the base of Ajax like this Jerry.

PHOTO: Crystal Sagan