Rossignol Soul 7 HD

A review of the Rossignol Soul 7 HD 2017 POWDER Buyer's Guide

Details Details

Price: $850

Sizes: 164, 172, 180, 188cm

Dimensions: 136-106-126mm

Radius: 17m (@180cm)

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The Soul 7 has been one of the most sold skis in America over the past several years. Its knock from aggressive skiers is that the ski can be too soft, the tips too chattery at speed. With the introduction of the "HD" concept, Rossignol has sought to address that concern by including a weave of carbon fiber and basalt with its paulownia core. The result is a ski that is more damp, smooth, and stable than previous iterations. "The ski is still accessible, though," says Union guy/POWDER bossman John Clary Davies. "It's capable of lots of types of turns—a slarve, a carve, a bump check—so it was ideal for the variable conditions we skied at Big Sky."