A shot ski built to go. PHOTO: Shotzski

A shot ski built to go. PHOTO: Shotzski

Shot skis are big and cumbersome, which means you usually only use them at a bar, or at your house, where there's a place to store them.

Not anymore.

The Evil Elf, aka Scott Evans, owner of the company Shotzski, has come up with a mobile shot ski called the Roadie. It's a ski that's been mounted with his plastic ski boot shot glasses and then cut right in the middle and reattached with a hinge so it folds in half and can go almost anywhere you want to take it.

For example, if you and your crew are skiing into a hut, it attaches to the side of your pack and will allow for a liquor-filled celebration after a long day of untracked backcountry lines. If you're driving across the country chasing storms, it fits nicely into the back of your car and doesn't require a roof rack.

Each boot on the ski holds three ounces of liquor (a green circle on the side marks the first ounce, a blue square the second, and a double black diamond the third), and the boots come off the ski so you can wash them when you're done. The bindings, which hold the shot glasses to the ski, come in either plastic or a more expensive polished aluminum.

The Roadie aint cheap—it starts at $245—but the price tag is high because Evans provides everything you need, including your choice of seven different vintage skis, which he buys and stores in his warehouse. You can also send in your own favorite ski and he'll build a custom Roadie if that's what you'd prefer.

If the Roadie isn't your thing, and you're looking for a more traditional shot ski, Evans sells packages that come with four boot glasses, four bindings, and everything you need to mount the boot glasses and bindings to a ski. That option is more affordable at $75.