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Price: $ 29.99 for a 3 pack

Sizes: Sized small, medium, large, and kids; choose spherical or flat

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Whipping past low hanging branches in the trees, ice, snow, and the occasional yard sale can wreak havoc on your favorite gear. But while a few small dings on your helmet won't render it unusable, scrapes and scratches on your goggle lenses can impair you vision and aren't cheap to replace.

Nothing stings like seeing that first nick on your brand new pair of goggles—especially if caused by a bonehead move like dropping your goggles in the parking lot gravel (guilty!). Even typical wear and tear eventually beats on your gear and it doesn’t stay new for long.

Last season, I tried to take some protection precautions for my newest pair of goggles and gave the Ripclear Goggle Lens Protectors a whirl. The anti-scratch, anti-fog plastic film went on my lens as easily as the screen protector on my phone. There's no cutting or sizing to fit because the lens protectors are sized small, medium, large, and kids, and there's a cut made for either flat or spherical lens shapes.

The super-thin plastic film doesn't go all the way to the edge of my goggles, but didn't hinder my vision. One protector survived an entire season of deep tree skiing and parking lot mishaps without peeling up around the edges. I used the included microfiber cleaning cloth and cleaning wipes at the end of each day to keep my lens clean and clear. When the lens protector did suffer a few scratches, it peeled of as easily as it was applied. I slapped a new one back on my untarnished lens (it came in a 3-pack) and I'm good to go again next season. Pretty simple, pretty genius.

Skiing hot: Durable, long-lasting!
Skiing not: Application may take some a few tries. Turn to the instructional videos on the website for tips.

Marquee image: Sierra Davis