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Price: $270

Sizes: XXS-XL

Materials: Sueded Taffeta: 100% Polyester, 80/10 Eco DWR

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You know the feeling when you put on a new piece of gear and it just works? The fit is good, the cut is right, and then you take it out into the mountains and it does it’s job and you’re able just to focus on how damn fun it is to be a skier?

That’s the feeling I got putting on the Retreat Jacket from Orage for the first time. The Retreat Jacket is lightly insulated with 480 fill down which makes it plenty warm for cool spring days in the mountains while remaining incredibly lightweight. I love the long cut of this jacket, even on my six-foot-tall frame, it covers my booty sitting or standing which adds to the warmth and makes it one of the most stylish winter jackets I own.

Officially, this isn’t a jacket designed for heavy skiing or harsh weather, but I’ve worn it to rip inbounds groomers several times this spring and the Retreat Jacket held up great. The polyester outer is protected by Eco DWR, so it defended itself against light snow and the large hood is great for bunkering down into when the wind blows.

Three zipper pockets, two exactly where you’d expect them outside and upfront, plus the one intern chest pocket are all I need for safely storing the essentials like my phone, but it’s the bottomless handwarmer pockets that I can’t get enough of. For warming your hands whether on the lift or walking through town or the airport, they almost come up to my elbow and make it feel like I’m swaddled inside my favorite down sleeping bag. It’s a small detail that goes a long way to making this a jacket I can’t stop wearing. The cut and fit, plus the teal rope trim combine to a make a tailored, artfully designed piece of gear.

Another reason I’ve been obsessing over the Retreat Jacket since I first put it on? Because every time I wear it, so is everyone else and the compliments just roll in like “likes” on your very best sunset Instagram post. Fragile ego? Down in the dumps? Want to make friends? Trust me when I say this is your ticket.