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The Quiksilver Altostratus Bib was a surprise entry in the Year of the Bib. Come hell or high waistline, the Altostratus offers three layers of Gore-Tex protection in an ultra-light package perfect for sunny yo-yo missions beyond the ropes or a day in the park. A looser fit kept the inevitable rising crotch-line at bay, allowing for comfortable maneuverability and little to no snagging or grabbing on those pesky beer handles (they're for warmth, we get it). The Altostratus also features outer vents to maximize airflow, but they can easily be confused with pockets, making for some awkward and potentially tragic smartphone situations. Luckily an oversized set of twin pockets provide easy and effective storage for anyone stacking 'Grams on the skin track.


PHOTO: Van Swae