vertex glove
vertex glove

A Burly Glove for Burly Winters

POW’s flexible Vertex Glove seals water out, keeps warmth in

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Price: $190

Materials: -"Grade A" leather
-Pittards Oiltac etched leather
-Durable Gore-Tex Glove Insert
-Premium polyester micro-fleece
-4oz PrimaLoft Gold
-80g PrimaLoft Grip Control
-Ultra Magic no snag Velcro

Features: -GORE-TEX®
-Pittards® Oiltac etched palm
-Ribbed accordion cuff
-Ergo leather pull tab
-"AX SuedeConnect" leather
-Backhand protective foam panels
-Unite POW Wrist Leash

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PHOTO: Maggie Kaiserman

POW Gloves, established in 2002 by a group of skiers road-tripping to Stevens Pass, focuses solely on providing quality hand-ware, and their newest addition to the arsenal, the Vertex Gore-Tex glove, is their most capable product to date.

Featuring Gore-Tex waterproofing and breathability, this snug-fitting glove keeps my hands warm and noticeably dry in the harshest winter conditions, but these are not the gloves I'd take with me on the skin track. Multi Loft insulation focuses on having high levels of warmth on the back of the hand, with minimal insulation on the palm, for utmost feel and dexterity.

After liberally applying the included Nikwax coating with my index finger like I was in preschool art class doing finger painting, working the substance into every seam before wiping away the excess, I noticed an immediate difference in the gloves' water repellence. I was able to use my gloves after just five minutes of drying, but I’d recommend waiting a few hours before heading out into a storm so the Nikwax has time to completely soak into the leather. The sealant turned my gloves into a slightly darker shade of tan, but the additional coating has water beading up like on a freshly waxed Ferrari.

With thoughtful details like Ultra Magic no-snag velcro technology, wrist leashes, and leather pull tabs, these gloves don't tear up the sleeves on my baselayers, and I don't have to worry about dropping them off the lift. Smartphone compatible leather on the palms and fingers are nice for changing tracks on my playlist and snapping a few pow shots. (Just don't be the guy taking a call on the lift. No one likes that guy.)

Foam protection panels on the back of the hand keep me confident I won't get banged up when I'm punching through tight glades, while a Pittards Oiltac leather palm—originally engineered for football receivers—ensures a no-slip grip on my poles, shovel, or beer. This technology, introduced by the longstanding British leather company, uses special polymers that work to enhance the tackiness of the gloves in wet and dry conditions.

POW's built-to-last mantra holds true with these newest additions to their collection. The ultra comfortable, ergonomic-fitting Vertex gloves are constructed of Grade A goatskin leather and maintain an attention to function and detail that noticeably set them apart from the rest.