Gear Locker Details

Details Details

Price: $499

Sizes: S-XL (Men); S-L (Women)

Weight: 480 grams (Men's L)

Materials: 3-layer Dermizax NX with 2-way stretch material

Features: Long underarm zip vents. Fixed, adjustable, helmet compatible hood. Front pockets, chest pockets and inner pocket.

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I often find myself being judgmental. For instance, when I buy wine, if I don't like the label, chances are slim that it will end up in my cart. When it comes to gear, if I haven't had your brand's marketing thrown in my face consistently since I began skiing…I'm sorry, who are you? But I’ve matured, and after learning to appreciate wine no matter what the label looked like, I started spending time with gear from brands I hadn't grown up with, like Bergans of Norway.

I was earning my turns climbing uphill outside of Aspen, Colorado, in the Bergans of Norway Storen Jacket when I first started to realize this unfamiliar brand might be on to something. The super lightweight shell felt almost weightless, and was moving moisture that was attempting to accumulate on my baselayer efficiently. So efficiently, in fact, that I didn't feel the need to start the much dreaded and never-ending layer swapping dance that comes with touring. The 3-layer Dermizax NX with 2-way stretch material is designed to be breathable, waterproof, and windproof, making it the perfect companion for inevitably sweaty tours and evolving weather. Pockets are on point in the Storen—inner and outer chest pockets accompany two generous hip pockets that fit a skin each, but don't interfere with your pack's hip belt. On the off chance I did find a reason to take the Storen off, it got high marks for packability. Easily the size of a small water bottle when packed, carrying the weight of the versatile shell was an afterthought, unlike other bulky, heavy shells that can take up valuable pack space.

In the end, I became such a fan of a piece of gear from a brand I hadn't grown up with that it made me wonder what else I'd missed out on–aside from the years of enjoying fine wine with bad labels.

Skiing Hot: Lightweight and packable so there's no reason not to bring it.
Skiing Not: Runs big so size accordingly.