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Price: $149

Sizes: XS-XXL

Materials: Merino wool, recycled Capilene polyester

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Patagonia announced today their latest innovation in softgoods. This time it’s a baselayer—the Merino Air baselayer—a lightweight, comfortable garment that you could wear on the ski hill, in the plane, or at home.

The breakthrough was made in the way Patagonia spins the merino wool with its recycled Capilene polyster. They use a proprietary “air-jet process” that gives the material more loft and heat-trapping insulation, without increasing its weight. A zig-zag knit creates an uneven surface, which lets more air flow through. The result is a baselayer that has quite a bit of stretch. The knitted fabric feels thin and breathable, and it keeps in a surprising amount of warmth. It also retains wool’s odor-fighting properties—a major plus for those who ski hard, but pack light.

Keeping with Patagonia’s commitment to the environment, the wool comes from sheep in southern Argentina that graze in a manner that lets grass grow back and promotes the restoration of threatened grasslands in Patagonia.

"The result is a perfect blend of technical product with best in-class performance and sustainable sourcing," says Jenna Johnson, senior director of Patagonia’s Technical Outdoor department. "Merino Air's high-loft, efficient wool construction and excellent fit will keep you warm outdoors no matter what you're up to. It's the most unique baselayer on the planet, made with responsibly sourced merino wool." —Julie Brown