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Patagonia Powslayer Pant

A review of the Patagonia Powslayer Pant from the 2017 Apparel Guide

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Some POSSE members steer away from bibs for fear of overheating and the occasionally constrictive fit. However, one leg into the Patagonia Powslayer bib and we were sold. Because Patagonia takes into account a skier girl's assets and the fact that they move a lot when they ski, this bib feels custom-tailored. When you have to dip out to go to the bathroom, the pants won't slow you down thanks to zippered vents that run from the upper waist down to the knee with a button closure at the top. Simply unbutton, unzip, and open up for immediate relief. On the men's side, a gusseted crotch panel and subtle knee articulation provide major mobility. Built in belt loops let you drop your top while hiking without dropping your bottoms, too, and the knees are articulated without making you feel like you should be squatting at all times. The Gore-Tex Pro material is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and packable to the extreme, yet because the material is so thin, it feels a bit loud when you move.

The Patagonia Powslayer pant has a great ergonomic fit built for movement with extensive venting, comfortable, and fully protected from the elements, season after season.

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