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Price: $130 45L | $150 75L

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Osprey recently released their new GearKit Series to make traveling with ski gear less of a haul. Both the 45L SnowKit and the 75L BigKit are specially designed to help skiers stay organized by creating pockets and compartments for specific purposes.

While the 45L SnowKit fits within carry-on perimeters, I opted for the 75L BigKit because it holds everything pictured here (minus the skis and poles) plus a pair of jeans and some toiletries.

Both sizes include a large end compartment for ski boots (or rollerblades!) with a ventilation window that helps air things out, a storable helmet carry system, and a number of small internal pockets like the soft-lined slot for goggles. The main compartments are waterproof, so even if you have to pack your gear before it has time to dry, you can separate it from anything you want to keep dry.

Other essential gear for traveling to ski.

The best feature, however, is the option to zip out the padded harness that turns these bags from duffels into backpacks. The only issue here is that I usually travel with my computer in a regular backpack, which I either have to wear on my chest (acceptable only in Europe), or wear one strap from each pack on one shoulder. Not ideal, but doable for moving through the airport or train station.