Stio Eddy LS shirt. PHOTO: Matt Hansen
Stio Eddy LS shirt. PHOTO: Matt Hansen

One Shirt To Rule Them All

Stio's Eddy goes everywhere you do, from season to season

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Price: $125

Weight: 8 oz.

Materials: Nylon blend yarn dye, 54% nylon 46% polyester, 85 g/m2 with WR finish

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There aren't too many apparel items one can wear while skiing as well as during activities in the heat of the summer. Given the vast temperature swing, it simply doesn't translate. And I'm not talking about a hoody you might wear when it's chilly, or a base layer you take camping, but something you can wear year-round in all kinds of situations.

An Earth-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Bags

Jackson-based Stio may have found the one shirt to do it all with the Eddy LS: a sharply styled collared shirt that's made for water, wind, and sun-protection. I first started wearing it as a second layer while backcountry skiing, as a water-repellent finish gives it just a touch of extra protection on the skin track to ward off snow flurries. Thanks to how well it stands up to abuse, it has since became part of my regular rotation for all things outside, no matter the season.

During these warm summer months, it's the first thing I grab before heading out on the water or the trail. Made with a poly/nylon blend, the Eddy provides 50-plus SPF for all-important sun protection. Skin cancer is deadly and one of the fastest-growing forms of cancer in the United States. So it’s good to cover up beyond just sunscreen. Big chest pockets are substantial enough to hold small fly boxes, lip balm, and other key ingredients for a Good Time.

An Osprey Duffle to Carry Everything You Need

I love how the Eddy doesn't have what my fishing buddy calls "turbo vents." You know, the mesh venting on the back or shoulders of all those, sorry, dorky shirts anglers use to advertise how much they love flyfishing. The Eddy, with pearl snaps, already has ample airflow even on the hottest days, and off the water, it just looks like a nice shirt.

The cut is roomy, meaning it goes well over a base layer, but flows as a wind shirt on high alpine ridges or breezy afternoons on the river. And unlike many tech shirts, the Eddy wards off many of my admittedly unsavory aromas, so I can focus on being outside, not doing laundry.