Mobot Big Bertha Bottle

Half growler, half foam roller—a water bottle for all of your après needs

When I first stumbled upon Mobot’s video campaign on Indiegogo, I didn’t see sunset SUP montages or model-sipping-water-on-the-beach reenactments, I saw potential. A far cry from the beaches of Southern California from whence it came, it was clear that the water bottle/foam roller hybrid was truly one thing and one thing only: Ullr’s gracious gift to après.

Never since the camera and phone came together to form the modern day cellular time suck has a combination been so simple, yet effective. Half growler, half foam roller, the Mobot is designed to address two of our biggest post-ski needs—stretching and drinking—in one svelte package.

A heat-pressed EVA foam surrounds the bottle’s recycled steel body, letting you work out your muscles before working up a bar tab. Even better, the FDA-approved, BPA-free Mobot is insulated to keep your beverage of choice icy cool no matter how hot the buns get.

Mobot offers an 18-ounce Firecracker bottle, but since skiers take après beverages in 40-ounce quantities, the SoCal crew has graciously designed a Big Bertha bottle to meet our needs. Add to that a floaty foam exterior for enhanced hot tub portability, and we have all the makings of a masterpiece.


The Big Bertha offers more surface area for actually rolling, whereas the smaller Firecracker takes a bit of maneuvering to hit the right spots. Both bottles are travel friendly, surprisingly lightweight, and feature a top loop for clipping onto a pack.

It’s been a while since I’ve slammed my beer through a straw (read: never), but the Big Bertha’s flip top offers strong suction and is easy enough to use, so I’ll make an exception there. After all, it’s a small price to pay for near-perfection.

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