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Give me thumb loops and give me comfort and I'm happy when it comes to a baselayer. Mons Royale hits the mark with their lightweight baselayers made with merino wool.

Based out of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, Mons Royale makes merino wool baselayers and underwear. Their style is capped with bold colorblocks and style. But for me, based off the Checklist LS Quarter Zip, the quality of the garment stood out the most.

I love just about anything merino. I basically live in merino all winter long. Merino is soft. It doesn't itch. It's warm but also has cooling properties and wicks moisture away from the skin. It has natural anti-bacterial properties, which fits well with my schedule of doing laundry every 7-10 days or so. I wore the Mons Royale Checklist every other day this winter, and I never smelled odor on it.

Unlike other merino wool baselayers I've worn and loved and shed a tear for when their delicate fabric ripped a hole by the seam, the Mons Royale Checklist stood up to a season of wear, and still feels next to new. I never put it in the dryer, which helps. But the material also feels thicker and sturdier. And despite heavy use last winter, it showed no signs of pilling or tearing.

When I say thicker, it's still very soft and flexible. The Checklist is designed long, in both the sleeves and the torso. I prefer a long fit so I can comfortably move around without worrying about exposing skin around my stomach and lower back. Thumb loops kept the sleeves in place and fit well under my gloves, protecting the skin around my wrists.

My favorite detail, though, is the high quarter-zip collar. It felt extra cozy when I zipped it up, but also casual when I unzipped the collar.

The price tag, $130, is steep for a shirt. I have a hard time dropping that much money on a week’s worth of groceries. But considering that I wore this layer on half my days of skiing last winter, and how well it held up, I’d say that cost evens out over time.

One last thing to note about Mons Royale. The company uses 100 percent non-mulesed wool in their baselayers. Accordint to PETA, mulesing is a cruel process farmers do to sheep to prevent maggots. We don't want maggots, but we also want to make sure sheep are treated humanely. You can feel good about both with the wool that Mons Royale uses in their garments.