Liberty Origin 106

A review of the Liberty Origin 106 2017 POWDER Buyer's Guide

Details Details

Price: $775

Lengths: 171, 176, 182, 187cm

Dimensions: 138-106-128mm

Radius: 20m (@182cm)

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The Union described the Origin 106 as well-rounded, surfy, and smooth. A rocker-camber-rocker profile with a bamboo core, it's a friendly, all-around ski that wasn't too soft, nor too stiff, but just right. "So easy to control on big-mountain terrain, super smooth, and catch-free across the fall line," says Dylan Hall of New Hampshire's Ken Jones Ski Mart. For skiers looking for a more maneuverable frontside version, Liberty offers the same ski in a 96 width, which nomadic skier Ian Fohrman described as "chargy, fun, stable, but quick enough to hit bumps, tight trees, or billy goat around."