Kästle MX89

A review of the Kästle MX89 for the 2017 POWDER Buyer's Guide

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Price: $1,299

Lengths: 156, 164, 172, 180, 188cm

Dimensions: 129-89-113mm

Radius: 17M (@172cm)

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Built with an ash and silver fir wood core sandwiched between sheets of titanal, camber underfoot, and a smooth tail profile, the MX89 stays true to Kästle's Austrian traditions of stiff, well-built skis. With unshakeable edge hold, this stable ski hooks up quick turns and lays down arcs. To drive this all-mountain carver, Powder Union skier Hannah Victory recommends working the front of the boot. Thankfully, you don't need Victory’s race background to ski the MX89 really fast.