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Kästle BMX115 HP

A review of the Kästle BMX115 HP in the 2017 POWDER Buyer's Guide

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Price: $1,049

Lengths: 177, 185, 193cm

Dimensions: 141-115-130mm

Radius: 24m (@185cm)

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Built with a sturdy sidewall construction, the Kästle BMX115 HP has camber with a slight early rise tip to yield some float in deeper snow. It charges straight down the fall line, but still maneuvers through a chalky tree stash at high speed. "Even with the long radius it can arc a turn in the tightest of places," says Dave Stergar, a man who knows how to hold an edge. "The construction makes this ski super stable and can rip every condition. In the 193, it's a big ski (and a little heavy), but that didn't bother me."