Kästle BMX105 HP

A review of the Kästle BMX105 HP 2017 POWDER Buyer's Guide

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Price: $1,149

Sizes: 173, 181, 189cm

Dimensions: 134-105-123MM

Radius: 21M (@181CM)

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In aggressive, technical terrain where falling is not an option--like under the tram at Big Sky--the BMX105 HP is exactly what you want underfoot. Built with a traditional sandwich construction--a silver fir core between two layers of titanal--with slight early rise in the tip and an elliptical radius sidecut, the BMX105 HP is a stiff , burly ski for directional charging. Otherwise, check out the toned down BMX105, which has the same platform without metal. "This ski is super damp and very responsive," says Dave Stergar, who still has his 1974 season pass to Discovery Ski Area. "When you need this ski to make a corner, it makes the corner."