K2 Marksman

A review of the K2 Marksman in the 2017 POWDER Buyer's Guide

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Price: $800

Sizes: 163, 170, 177, 184cm

Dimensions: 130-106-125mm

Radius: 20m (@184cm)

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The new K2 Marksman is easy and flexible with a unique shape. Made with a fir and aspen core—where denser materials are placed on the edges for durability— this lightweight ski gets loose and slashes powder. The Marksman will be there for sending 20-foot drops at high speeds, and for shutting it down on the other side. The asymmetrical taper and sidecut provide an effective inner edge for steep, chalky faces. It also means there is a mandatory left and right ski, which could make you feel a bit locked in. "This ticks all the boxes for a lighter and playful all-mountain ski that can still hit the park a bit," says Backcountry.com's Wally Phillips. "Everything feels fun and easy as long as you keep to soft conditions and don't overdrive the ski."