Yes, it’s expensive, and corny. But goddamn if it isn’t comfortable. PHOTO: Maggie Kaiserman

Look, I've only done yoga once. I went to a class with a girl I liked in an effort to impress her. That did not work. In general, I'm about as skeptical of yoga as I am of gluten-free diets, Oregon drivers, Silicon Valley, dentists, and Republicans. And so I say this with a bit of trepidation: I love Lululemon.

I know. I know! I'm a hypocrite, a yuppie, and, worst of all—what my parents always feared—a Californian. But hear me out.

First, full disclosure: I did not pay for my Lululemon. A woman who does PR for them sent a box of it to me. I understand why many readers of POWDER would roll their eyes at paying $60 for a t-shirt. But damn if that isn't the most comfortable t-shirt I've ever worn. The 5-year Basic Tee ($58) is stretchy, breathy, light, and fits really well, even if it's just a plain black short sleeve t-shirt. Would I pay for the t-shirt now that I've worn it? Probably. I'd at least ask for it for Christmas.

Because I'm a skier, I travel a lot. I take a lot of flights and go for long road trips in the name of chasing snow. I wear this t-shirt every time I go on the road. I usually wear it with the Commission Pant ($128), a water-repellent Chino with two-way stretch.

Because sometimes airplanes are freezing, I bring along the Pyle fleece ($168). It’s warm, stretchy, and has breathable fabric in the pits, which is important when traveling, because you’re dealing with a lot of different temperatures, which tend to make you (or at least me) smell pretty bad.

Like all of these products, the designs are clean and simple, combined with some techy-fabrics. They all fall into a massively growing category of functionally casual apparel.

While I'm self-conscious of wearing all of these products at once and appearing as some kind of sponsored mega-yuppie YogAthlete, I'm still saving up for the Lululemon undies to add to the travel outfit. Those look amazing.