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Price: $129

Materials: 420D/210D nylon, 840D Ballistic nylon

Features: Spring steel frame, dedicated avy-tools pocket, quick-access lid pocket with a security pocket and goggles pocket, modular ABS routing straps, ice-tool holder, a-frame or diagonal ski carry, hipbelt pocket and tool loop, patented glove stash, reinforced high-abrasion areas

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Delivering performance fit for the kings and queens of skiing (namely, The North Face athletes who drive development of the Steep Series), the Snowmad 26 pack is purpose-built for everything from big days on high-consequence terrain to mellow backcounty days.

At 26-liters, the Snowmad is ideal for carrying a day's worth of gear into the backcountry. The extra-tough materials (840-denier Ballistic Nylon) are tough enough to put up with (almost) anything you could throw at it, and high-abrasion areas are reinforced for good measure. A lean profile keeps weight distribution over your hips (instead of behind), and makes it feel like your pack is an extension of your body instead of a big, clunky sack of ill-distributed weight. Avy tools are kept separate from the rest of your gear in a dedicated front pocket—access the main gear compartment via a zippered back panel—and standard features like built-in stash pockets for goggles and gloves are nestled between ski (diagonal or a-frame) and ice tool carries. The bad news is, with your weight distributed so perfectly over your hips you won't be able to blame your heavy pack for pulling you into the backseat—that one’s on you now. Learn more about it here.