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Happy Anniversary to My Water Bottle and Me

Celebrating a year of bliss with the Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle

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Price: $45

Sizes: 32 oz.

Materials: stainless steel with TempShield insulation

Features: pop-up straw lid

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It’s hard to believe my Hydro Flask water bottle and I are celebrating one year together already. It feels like just yesterday we found each other, and yet, it’s hard to remember life before a love like the one we share.

When we first met, I couldn’t help but be attracted to the Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Straw Lid’s handsome features—the wide mouth that makes filling it up so easy; the finger loop that fits my hand so perfectly and clips effortlessly onto a carabiner; the pop-up straw lid that’s so soft on my lips as it quenches my thirst. I didn’t know it yet, but I’d soon learn the attraction between us would be much deeper than just good looks.

I’ve been with other water bottles before, sure, but those relationships didn’t last. I left them on soccer fields, or trailheads—or maybe they left me—and at the time, the losses were hard, and I was thirsty. But I see now that those other water bottles could never give me what my beloved Hydro Flask can. As my trust in this water bottle grew deeper, so did our love.

In just our first year together, the double-wall, vacuum-insulated TempShield has locked heat and cold better than I could have ever dreamed. Even in the scorching sun and hot temperatures, my Hydro Flask keeps ice cubes solid for an entire day because unlike me, it never sweats or perspires in intense situations. When we went skiing together in BC this winter, my Hydro Flask kept my coffee boiling hot until lunch. I was blown away by the loyalty and dedication to regulating the temperature of my liquids.

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Happy Anniversary to my water bottle and me. This is true love. PHOTO: Sierra Davis

Never have I felt so cared for by a water bottle. Which is why, for the first time in my life, I was willing to do a 180 on an interstate and backtrack 15 miles to retrieve it when I left it by the hot tub in Big Sky. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep my Hydro Flask and I together because I am better with this water bottle in my life. I’m better hydrated than ever before because we love spending time together so much, and I’m a better person for not having to use single-use plastic water bottles because my Hydro Flask is always close by.

Our bond is everlasting, but it hasn’t been without trials. In December, during our first Christmas together, I had to replace the straw lid ($10) on my Hydro Flask when the mouthpiece started to deteriorate. And there was that time it leaked in my backpack, but we got through these challenges together, through trust and open communication, and there hasn’t been an issue since.

We’ve experienced so much together, my Hydro Flask and I, and there are many dings and scrapes on my bottle’s stainless steel frame that tell the story of our first year together. It doesn’t look as pretty as it did when we first met—neither of us do, actually—but our love is deep. I look forward to lifetime (warranty) of ice cold and super hot beverages shared together. Happy Anniversary, water bottle, I love you.