Ski resorts are getting tracked out faster than ever, thanks to high-speed chairlifts, droughts, and all the half-committed skiers who only show up when it snows six inches or more. But that’s not you. You ski every day. You know the best days can be found lapping chalky wind-buff and hitting kickers in the trees. The good news is that ski companies are making more skis than ever just for you. The pendulum swung from way too skinny to way too fat, and has now settled on the sweet spot of 108 millimeters underfoot. Of the 33 skis in this category, nine share a 108 waist. But no two are the same. Each company used that benchmark to fine-tune a ski to fit a unique persona. For hard-core directional, look to the Armada Invictus. For those who see the resort as their playground, channel the Faction Candide 3.0. For skiers heading beyond the boundary, Dynafit entered the all-mountain department with the new Chugach. One-oh-eight, it’s a mystical number in astrology and religion. It’s also the perfect number for skiers. —Julie Brown

Here are the best all mountain skis of 2016, as reviewed by the Powder Union at Big Sky, Montana, for the 2016 Buyer’s Guide, presented by evo.

Armada JJ 2.0
ON3P Billy Goat
Moment Bibby Pro
Line Mordecai
Blizzard Gunsmoke
DPS Wailer 112RP2
Caravan SB 110
Scott Punisher 110
Folsom Custom Primary
Moment Deathwish
Atomic Automatic 109
Armada Invictus 108TI
Line Supernatural 108
Blizzard Cochise
Dynafit Chugach
Faction Candide 3.0
Black Crows Atris
Volkl 100Eight
Fischer Ranger 108 TI
Head Monster 108
Nordica NRGY 107
Stockli Stormrider 107
Black Diamond Boundary 107
J Skis The Metal
Faction Chapter 106
ON3P Kartel 106
RMU Apostle
Kastle BMX105 HP
Icelantic Nomad
Black Diamond Link 105
K2 Pinnacle 105
Salomon Q-Lab