Gear to Wear While Staying Home

Six pieces you can wear now and use again later once the coast is clear

It should go without saying, but alas, those things never do—if you can’t stay home, or need to go to the grocery store, the one thing you should absolutely be wearing is a mask to protect yourself and others. As for staying home, whether you’re working, parenting, making sourdough, or some miraculous combination of all three, here’s the gear you can wear now and use again later when we can again venture out farther from the living room.


Patagonia Fleetwith Romper

If this is as far as you read, fine. Do yourself a favor and order this romper right now. Maybe even in two colors. I have been all-out living in my Fleetwith Romper for the past three months and I’m afraid it will be physically painful if I ever have to go back to wearing jeans.

Made from 91 percent recycled polyester and 9 percent spandex, this one-piece is stretchy, quick-drying, and resists wrinkling. I wear mine at home, of course, but I’ve also worn it for long drives in the car, taken it camping, and thrown it on over a wet swimsuit at the end of a river trip. It looks like slacks but feels like heaven. Add a blazer and wedges to dress it up for your next Zoom interview–or hiking boots for your close-to-home weekend outing.

Prana Tierra SweaterMasks are in, bras are out—and so the Prana Tierra Sweater is the ideal layer to keep on hand for an unexpected Zoom call. It looks professional and a bit dressy, but the off-the-shoulder cut keeps it light and easy. I’ve been wearing mine in the evenings in the backyard and over my bikini top for early morning walks on the beach.

Glerups slippersI’m a longtime fan of these wool felt booties from the Denmark-based company Glerups. They are a necessity on any winter hut trip, but this summer I’ve been slipping into them every morning to keep my feet cozy under my desk when the AC is blaring, and because they are made of 100-percent wool, they wick away any moisture from sweat.

After five or six wears, the felt starts to conform to your foot, so they feel like custom-molded footbeds—ideal for taking out the trash last minute when you realize, somehow, it’s Tuesday again.


La Sirena Kimono

I’ve written about this terry-lined robe before, and I’ll write about it again. And again. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little luxury now and then. While this après-ready robe is ideal for poaching mid-winter hot tubs, it’s currently making a resurgence as my work from home uniform until about 11 a.m. most days. With a waterproof zipper pocket where you can keep your phone, plus a special pouch designed to hold an entire bottle of champagne, this stylish, well-made kimono is all you need to move from bed to desk and back again. Also available in men’s styles.

dogfish head IPA

Okay, so I’m not wearing this exactly. But as I try to set up healthy habits in the new world where staying at home is the name of the game, enjoying a cold beer “around” 5 p.m. has become a nice ritual some evenings. While I like the flavor of a traditional IPA, they tend to put me right to bed. The Slightly Mighty Low Call IPA however is 95 calories and session-able, but it’s also cool to have just one.

Pit Viper Exciter

Because seriously, are there any rules any more? I’m drinking a coffee out of a bowl right now.

Gear to Wear While Staying HomeGear to Wear While Staying Home

Gear to Wear While Staying HomeGear to Wear While Staying HomeGear to Wear While Staying HomeGear to Wear While Staying Home

Gear to Wear While Staying HomeGear to Wear While Staying HomeGear to Wear While Staying HomeGear to Wear While Staying Home

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