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Price: $65

Weight: 11 oz.

Materials: 700 Fill Down
100 percent Polyester Ripstop shell
Heavy duty nylon

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You just spent half an hour digging out a tent pad and building a snow wall to block the glacial winds that will begin blowing at 45 miles per hour as soon as you try to close your eyes. What do you need? (Other than a different hobby.) Sleeping bags for your feet.

The Sierra Designs Women's Pull-on Down Booties are what an ultra-light devotee might call "unessential," but we've always questioned ultra-light devotees' priorities anyways. The booties' 11 ounces of downy goodness are a small price to pay for cozy feet when all of your expedition mates are wearing yesterdays soggy wool socks around camp. I've used my pair on warm- and cold-weather expeditions, padding around camp in the North Cascades on a balmy summer evening and huddling in a tent at 11,000 feet in temperatures I'd rather not revisit. They're well suited for hut trips and cabin evenings, especially on those days it takes more than a few hours to thaw your toes. Think of them as the clothing equivalent of putting your frozen hands in your armpits. Most of us can't quite get our feet up there, so this is where the booties become "essential."

The booties are made out of heavy-duty nylon with a non-slip sole (which means it has little gummy grips, like the kind on toddler socks, to keep your drunk après self from slipping on hardwood floors). They're sturdy enough for wandering around outdoors (/out of tent), so when nature calls in the middle of the night, you don't have to fumble around with frozen laces and cold boots. However, we wouldn't recommend taking them for any long journeys. These are technical slippers, after all.