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Details Details

Price: $99 and up

Sizes: XS-XXL

Materials: All leather exterior,
Breathable, waterproof Hipora membrane,
Thinsulate insulation

Features: Beeswax-coating,
Custom branded initials,
Leather pull tab,
Leather skirt

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PHOTO: Maggie Kaiserman

Slip your hands into the 4-Season Give'r gloves for the first time, and you'll know you've made a good decision—even in the dead middle of summer. The 4-Season gloves, designed in Jackson Hole, are aptly named in that they prove super functional on the slopes, but also keep my hands protected when rearranging burning logs in the campfire, chopping wood, or moving around my hot barbecue in the backyard. I opted for the beeswax-coated, heat-treated version, which added an extra layer of waterproofing and a rugged look to the gloves' cowhide shell. The coating does hinder breathability, but increases durability, so it feels like an even trade to me.

A breathable Hipora membrane inside provides necessary windproof protection, and the 4-Season's innermost layer of Thinsulate insulation maintains a cozy climate for your digits all day long in winter. While they are probably too toasty for your next backcountry tour, these are the go-to for the resort on a frigid day, shoveling out your car in the early morning, or taking corn laps in Spring. Plus, I've discovered they double nicely as a pair of koozies for yourself and a friend.

"All-purpose" materials. PHOTO: Maggie Kaiserman

“All-purpose” materials for this glove/koozie. PHOTO: Maggie Kaiserman

Great details like elastic cuffs and leather pull tabs make them easy to maneuver on-and-off, while keeping snow, dirt, and hot embers out of your sleeves. The 4-Season Give'r gloves are made-to-order based on individual hand size, and are even customizable with the option to have your initials—or that weird nickname you're still trying to get people to call you—branded onto each glove. Heck, you might like these gloves so much, you'll think of a nickname for them, too.

Skiing Hot: Durable, lightweight, sexy.
Skiing Not: Optional beeswax-coating prevents breathability.