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Price: $199.95

Sizes: S-XXL

Materials: 100% waterproof fabric rated at 10,000mm

Features: Insulated lining and zippered ventilation, double breasted snap pockets, hidden retractable waterproof storm hood, heavy duty waterproof zippers, waterproof elasticized tab cuffs, exterior waist adjustment, adjustable elastic boot cuff

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Powder days are nice and all, but closing day's costume-friendly vibes are where its at. Retro one-piece ski suits are unpacked from basements, vintage stores are raided, flasks are filled, and exsessive debauchery ensues. It's likely the most fun any of us will have on the mountain this year, so why let the rest of your season fade into an unmemorable fusion of average days?

The retro one-piece ski suit—the traditional choice of jerry's across the country–has a certain je ne sais quoi that's hard to beat. Nothing says dedication like spending the day in 20 years of (someone else's) authentic sweat and stains—in a pre-ventilation era fart bag where your sweat mixes with that of every other person who has worn it. Sexy…kinda? Luckily, there's another option: Tipsy Elves Powder Blaster Suit. The Powder Blaster is old meets new in the best way: waterproof fabric, insulation (so you can be naked underneath to 25 degrees, naturally), and the best part, ventilation. Inner thigh and pit zips help keep you cool (which is tough, ’cause you'll look hot in this little number) and adjustable elastic boot cuffs mean you can (and should) keep those pant legs tucked into your boots. You'll look and feel so good, there's no doubt you'll want to rock it all season long.

pit-viperYou can't just pair the Powder Blaster with any 'ole eyewear. To really complete the outfit and gaurantee you'll be the best (dressed) skier on the mountain all season, it takes something special. After extensive testing, we've come to the conclusion that the only appropriate eyewear to wear with the Powder Blaster is Pit Viper's Rad shades. Mirrored lenses, pink splatter paint, and adjustable fit make them fun, functional, and ensure extreme hotness at all times.

k2-fattyThe perfect skis to complete your year-round ensemble are short, fat, and will definitely get you some attention. K2's Fatty Snowblade (Yes, this is a real thing K2 still makes!) is extra versatile—you can ski slush bumps, perfect your Dinner Roll 900, really polish that partner ski ballet routine, and shred anything the cool kids do, but with more style. You can't really claim best skier on the mountain until you've dropped into Corbets on these bad boys, just don't forget to call your mom.

Skiing Hot: This much sexiness should be illegal.

Skiing Not: A bit more of an investment than picking up used gear at Goodwill, but if you're going to spend all season looking hot it's worth it.

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