Faction Darwin Jacket

A review of the Faction Darwin Jacket from the 2017 Apparel Guide

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Price: $559

Materials: Gore-Tex C-Knit, 20k/20k waterproof/breathable Toray Dermizak

Features: NASA-inspired Aerogel for warmth

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The Faction Darwin is a three-layer shell that scored high marks among the POSSE. It has roomy zips and a relaxed fit, though it is a bit more crinkly than the jackets using Gore C-knit. Made of Toray Dermizax, which sounds like an acne treatment but is actually a fancy fabric, the Darwin has 20k/20k breathability and waterproofing. It also features a NASA-inspired Aerogel intended for added warmth without the weight, though it's difficult to assess how effective that actually is.


PHOTO: Van Swae