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Price: $100

Weight: 28 g

Features: -Mold injected Grilamid frame
-6 base OHM Polycarbonate lens
-Performance grip nose bridge
-Double action hinge system
-Made in Italy

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PHOTO: Maggie Kaiserman

Whether it's on a spring day lapping corn, getting my fill of happy hour as the sun crests the horizon, on my way to a friend's gig downtown, or somewhere in between, I want my sunglasses to be an afterthought. Not like, "Shit, I forgot my sunnies in the car again!"—more like, "Whoa, I forgot these things were even on my face!"

The Electric Swingarm S comes from the brand's new active lifestyle line of sunglasses, which takes three of their best-selling frames and upgrades them with high-performance features. These glasses stay put—even with sweat beading on my forehead—thanks to added nose grip pads. Dual action Plasticam hinges and a Grilamid frame also add strength without adding weight.

The ANSI-certified, polarized lenses cut glare and reduce light, while maintaining clarity and depth, so I can spot my landing in the park, or dodge traffic trying to get to work on time. Electric also uses OHM—Optical Health through Melanin—technology in all of their lenses. Melanin is a natural sunblock found in the human body, and it protects our skin and eyes from harmful UV and HEV Blue Light rays.

Electric's specialized OHM lenses use artificial melanin maintaining the clarity and color of my surroundings, while keeping my eyes relaxed in the harshest sun, both on surf and snow. Bottom line, these shades are made to transition seamlessly from hill to chill.

Designed in California but handmade in Italy, these sunnies are priced at $100 (or $120 for polarized lenses), and they are the most affordable pair of frames offered by the S-Line.