Elan RipStick 106

A review of the Elan RipStick 106 for POWDER's 2017 Buyer's Guide

Details Details

Price: $800

Lengths: 167, 174, 181, 188cm

Dimensions: 140-106-122mm

Radius: 20.4M (@188cm)

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The secret behind Elan's RipStick is called Amphibio. Translation: the skis are asymmetrical.Further translation: The outer edge is rockered while the inside edge has camber. When you turn, your downhill edge has camber to grip the snow while your uphill edge has rocker to release—so you have both camber and rocker working together at the same time. It sounds weird and gimmicky, but Powder Union skiers were sold at Big Sky. With vertical sidewalls and early rise, the only caveat is the skis are specifically left and right-footed. "The name says it all," says Jed Donnelly, a Big Sky snowcat driver. "It was stable and schmeared, and it even performed well in the bumps."