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Price: $550

Materials: Defender Dual Weave fabric, 20k/20k protection

Features: Bending zipper technology

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The Eider camp put in long hours to bring its three-layer Shaper Jacket to life and the proof is in the details. A Defender Dual Weave incorporates two face fabrics into one, providing strength around the problem areas at the shoulders and on the waistline while removing seams. The result is less wind and water inside and happier core temperatures. The Eider Shaper Jacket also utilizes zipper technology they helped pioneer with YKK, which created a zipper to actually wrap around the chin and lower face. Gone are the days of collars rubbing you raw thanks to the futuristic bending zipper in this jacket. The Shaper is built for resort charging, but with the Defender Dual and 20K/20K protection, it's all-in-one warmth.


PHOTO: Van Swae