Dynafit Launches Lifetime Guarantee

The lifetime warranty covers against material and manufacturing defects

The brand Dynafit is synonymous with ski touring. From newbie backcountry skiers to the most hardcore, ever since Dynafit brought to market Fritz Barthel’s low tech binding, the brand was defined for its pin binding and boots to match the design.

However, as backcountry skiing continues to grow—both in engineering and overall popularity amongst skiers, new brands have begun to enter the backcountry segment; both traditional alpine ski brands as well as new binding companies.

In response to that growing demand, and with the unique ability to position themselves as the first manufacturer to produce pin bindings, Dynafit is offering a lifetime guarantee on their bindings purchased from this season onwards.

“The thing that differentiates us is we’ve been doing this the most,” says Ross Herr, Sales and Marketing Manager for Dynafit North America. “I can say we’ve learned from our mistakes and have improved things. Herr talks about how competition within the market has allowed Dynafit to look at what they’re doing and to realize what makes them special. “In practice, we’ve been taking care of our customers already at a high level, but new customers and first time buyers—who may have only had an alpine binding in the past – don’t know that about us.”

Dynafit Guarantee
Photo Credit: Dynafit
Lab Testing is one of the mechanisms Dynafit uses to ensure reliability and safety.

The lifetime warranty covers against material and manufacturing defects, and if a repair is not possible, the binding will be replaced free of charge. Customers are encouraged to register their product on the Dynafit website: https://www.dynafit.com/en-us/productregistration/ And while the customer service team can work with folks who don’t register, Herr notes that the process “is almost like a VIP fast track access if you register your product.” Hence faster and more efficient warranty claims. However, Herr explains the goal is not to expect a lot of exchange with the program, as the Lifetime Guarantee is a label meant to stand behind their product as an industry best.

Dynafit Guarantee
Photo Credit: Dynafit
If you’ve toured in a pin binding you can thank Fritz Barthel.

Being able to state a lifetime warranty solidifies Dynafit’s place in the every growing backcountry binding market. Thirty-five years ago when Fritz Barthel invented the first low-tech binding it was the beginning of the pin-binding revolution that continues over three decades later—allowing for efficient backcountry skiing and mountaineering. Today, Dynafit states that more than 70 percent of ski tourers are using a frameless, (i.e. low tech) binding system. “We have a lot of data to look at,” says Herr noting the significant gains and development their bindings have endured as hard charging skiers entered the backcountry. Something that has been a blessing while also a challenge—as if you’re in the game long enough, someone is bound to have a bad story once in a while.

“Dynafit has gone through what no other brand has. I think to what happened with telemark skiing, in the beginning tele skiing was light and simple with a soft boot and flowy style of skiing… Then people wanted more aggressive skis and boots, and the tele binding wasn’t ready for it yet. Ski touring went through the same process.”

Herr’s explanation is spot on. As skiers began ditching liftlines and tracked out resorts, they inevitably jumped on bindings that are designed for “low impact.” The result was a couple of products getting abused outside of what they were designed for.

Dynafit Guarantee
Photo Credit: Dynafit
Dynafit’s Rotation 12 is TÜV certified.

“We had to evolve and learn through the process,” Herr says. An example was the Radical one binding, which became a victim of the evolution of the sport. “The radical was a good binding, but it got skied super aggressively. It led to the Radical 2, and now Rotation 12, which today has a wider platform and stronger materials (geared towards that aggressive style of skiing).

“We grew up with the sport, and are addressing things we’ve experienced with these 35 years. We can now look further ahead in making cool products (everything we bring to market is lab tested and skied for three full years before being brought to market). That’s the intention, and that’s why we’re able to guarantee our product further ahead in the future as well.”

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