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Price: $799.99

Weight: 1,460g

Flex: 120

Last: 102mm

Intended Use: Hybrid

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The new women's Beast may come in a bright shade of pink, but it's no dainty ballerina slipper. A magnesium spoiler, exoskeleton frame—which keeps the structure of the boot stiff—and a liner that feels like a suction cup work together to grab hold of your heel and keep it there. No heel wiggle in this boot. A slim profile, easy buckles designed for one-handed use, rugged Formula pomoca soles, and weighing in at 1,300 grams, the Beast gives you the flexibility and support of a hiking boot without any bulk. Flip the lever to lock the Pebax and Grialmid shell, cuff, and spoiler, and the Beast turns into a stiff cookie for the descent. I needed an experienced bootfitter to dial my fit, but after that, I loved this boot for how easy it was to walk in and how well it responded on the ski down. –Julie Brown