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Price: $899

Weight: 1,460g

Flex: 120

Last: 102mm

Intended Use: Hybrid

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The new Beast Carbon is a two-piece, four-buckle, stiff-ass touring boot. It's basically a refined Khion Carbon, but its upgrades are substantial. The Beast features Dynafit's new, Master Fit inserts, which make stepping into any low-tech binding easier. Dynafit has also reinforced the boot at its hinge points and reformulated its plastic for improved durability. When disengaged, the shell's upper cuff is free to move an insane 90 degrees. A slim profile, easy buckles designed for one-handed use, and rugged soles give the Beast the support I'd expect from Euros who climb the Alps. The Beast Carbon is the stiffest touring-specific (not crossover) boot I've tested to date, and is an ideal choice for big skiers with a medium-volume foot looking to charge in the backcountry. —Alex Buecking