Gear Locker Details

Details Details

Price: $249

Sizes: One size

Lengths: 82.7 inches long

Dimensions: 15 inches wide

Weight: 8.4 lbs

Materials: Shell: polyester 900D/TEP 500D
Lining: Polyester 600D/1680D

Features: Rib Cage Construction, Length Adjustment System, Hook-Up System

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Skis and boots get all the attention in autumn. But when winter rolls around, you'll need a proper ski bag for those storm-chasing missions or that trip you've been saving up for. A good ski bag can save you on airline weight restrictions and hassle—and a shitty ski bag can damage your precious skis. These are the driving principles behind Douchebag ski luggage.

Founded in 2009 by pro skier Jon Olsson and Truls Brataas, the company now refers to its product as Db Equipment. Bratass, an engineering student at the time, ended up running into Olsson at a local surf break. The two hit it off chatting about skiing and traveling, both feeling the same pain on travel luggage. They launched the brand after two years of research on materials and input from other pro skiers and travel experts, and incorporated design expertise from Per Finne, another local ski bum, as well as The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Douchebags—an unfortunate name that resulted from a contest to name the company's original bag—developed out of the initial self-sewn bag to a product featuring patented technology. It then took home an ISPO Product award in 2014-15, after teaming up with Erling Magnus Solheim, an engineer and snowboarder.

The Hugger duffle attaches seamlessly to the Douchebag for easy transport through airports and alleyways. PHOTO: Erme Catino

The Hugger duffle attaches seamlessly to the Douchebag for easy transport through airports and alleyways. PHOTO: Erme Catino

The ski bag features Rib Cage construction, a patent-pending design that allows the ski bag to be lightweight and adjustable depending on which gear your carting. Db says it can fit one pair of skis, poles, boots, helmet and apparel; or two pairs of skis and apparel. I had no problem stuffing in two 192-centimeter pair of skis (one with a touring binding), poles and a few pieces of outerwear. The bag can fit skis up to 200 centimeters long and also weighs in around eight pounds, and has two additional mesh pockets on the inside—making it easy to stash a few extra items.

One of the slickest features is dubbed the Hookup System. When paired with a Db Equipment Hugger backpack ($159, 30 liter), the pack seamlessly attaches to the ski bag for easy traveling. The Hugger features a back panel laptop pouch, large main compartment, and a top pocket for shades, goggles, or other travel essentials.

Loaded up, the Douchebag felt fairly light when compared to other leading rolling ski bags. Something that's important for a travel bag, as a heavy bag can cost a day's lift ticket or your bar tab for the trip. Furthermore, it's always nice to travel with a couple pairs of skis to allow for varying conditions or in the unfortunate case that something brakes. And once empty, it rolls up into the size of a sleeping bag (perhaps the best feature of the Douchebag). So once you arrive to your destination, you don't look like a "douche," taking up space as you crash on your buddy’s couch.