I Can See Clearly Now

A roundup of the best goggles with storm-day lenses

For high vision in low light, choose a goggle lens with a high percentage of VLTs, or Visible Light Transmission.


Smith I/0 with ChromaPop Storm
VLT: 50 percent

ChromaPop filters light in such a way that blue, green, and red colors are vivid and clear, which in flat light means improved definition and contrast. However, the I/0s could use some innovation in its lens-swap system, which is clunky.


Giro Contact with Persimmon Blaze

VLT: 50 percent

Ideal for freak storms that suddenly disrupt a blue day, the Contact’s Snapshot technology uses magnets to make swapping lenses easy and glove-friendly. Carl Zeiss makes the lenses. It comes with two, including the Persimmon Blaze low-light option (shown here) that meets the recommended range of VLTs for snow days.


Electric EGX with Light Green

VLT: 71 percent

The oversized lenses on the EGX, which curve horizontally but stay flat vertically, have wide peripheral vision without any distortion. Anti-fog coating, good ventilation, and the Light Green low-light lens—the only thing missing is a snorkel.


Scott LCG with Illuminator Blue Chrome
VLT: 58 percent

The LCG meets the standard with two lenses and a simple lever to swap them out. But it rises above the rest in fit and ventilation. A mechanical adjustment on each side of the goggle gives a custom fit and three-layer molded foam seals the goggle to skin. Ventilation is designed to keep air flowing top-to-bottom, preventing condensation from swirling around and fogging the lens.


POC Fovea with Pink/Bronze Mirror
VLT: 28 percent

The Man in lenses, Carl Zeiss, makes the glass used in POC’s Fovea, so count on crystal-clear visibility in this spherical goggle. This lens is best for partly cloudy days. Try POC’s Sonar Orange lens, developed exclusively for POC by Zeiss, for more contrast.


Spy Bravo with Happy Lucid Red
VLT: 54 percent

Spy’s Happy lenses make colors and terrain features pop. The Bravo comes standard with two lenses, and the low-light version uses a red tint to boost contrast in flat light. The lenses come with a hard plastic rim, so it is easy to swap without smudging them with fingerprints.


Zeal Forecast with Automatic
VLT: 18 to 43 percent

Zeal’s low profile Forecast is the pair to grab when the sky can’t make up its mind. The polarized Automatic lenses adjust to allow the perfect amount of light to come through no matter what the weatherman calls for: clouds, blizzards, or sunshine. For the price, these goggles come with one versatile lens.


Anon Wm1 with Blue Lagoon
VLT: 80 percent

The Wm1, Anon’s small-frame goggle for women, comes with two lenses that can be swapped with a simple pop, thanks to magnets around the frame. The low-light Blue Lagoon lens, the highest VLTs in this collection, blends high-contrast yellow tint with a blue mirror to increase depth perception.

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