A Buff Is Not Just a Buff

Now with Thermonet by Primaloft, your favorite piece of fabric just got better

The POWDER staff is attending SIA in Denver this week—the snow sports industry’s biggest trade show, where we are getting a first look at the best gear for skiers. For more reviews and first looks at new gear, go here.

Just when you thought a piece of fabric was just a piece of fabric, Buff goes and finds a way to make their fabric even better. Introduced for Fall 2017, Buff is using Thermonet, by Primaloft, to sew a new line of their classic, multifunctional tubes.

The bullet points on Thermonet: It provides four times as much insulation as standard microfiber products, but it’s just as soft and lightweight as any other Buff. It’s uber high tech (yep, still talking about fabric—who knew?) wicking fibers regulate moisture so well that it, apparently, will not freeze. So no matter how much snot and condensation you blow on the coldest and stormiest of days, you don’t need to fear your Buff turning into a frigid ice block. I’m excited to test this out myself.

Bonus points: Thermonet is made of 70 percent recycled materials. All good things end with a win for Mother Earth.