We're at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show, the largest outdoor sports expo and conference in North America. These are some of the gear highlights from the show.

The darling of the Blizzard Tecnica booth at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show was a vintage race car, the Pontiac Firebird. Parked in front of the booth, all shiny and sleek, Blizzard towed the car across two states to blow out the debut of their new race skis of the same name.

Long, straight, skinny, and bright orange, the Firebirds are attractive and attention grabbing. One look and I felt the urge to go fast. Like, ditch-my-rockered-skis fast. The Firebirds are front side skis made to carve huge trenches on race courses—or groomers, for most of us. The line features models that would suit anyone racing GS from the World Cup down, to the Junior Nationals or the Tuesday night Beer Leagues.

Made in Austria, not far from the legendary Hahnenkamm race course, the marquee feature of the Firebird is Blizzard's C-spine technology. Two vertical strips of carbon run the length of the ski, between the middle laminates of the wood core. This gives the Firebird a ton of rebound and energy, as well as edge-to-edge response. So basically, whatever you give this ski, it will return in miles per hour.

The MSRP on the Firebird WRC Piston is $1,200. The Firebird Competition (with TPX 12 binding) is $1,080.