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Price: $700

Lengths: 174.6, 181.2, 186.1cm

Dimensions: 130-97-115mm

Radius: 18m

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Black Crows is known for high-altitude skis designed to fly in the upper reaches of the French Alps. But on down days, when the flock stays close to home, the Camox comes out. With Double Beak rocker—more pronounced in the tip than the tail—plus camber underfoot, a poplar wood core, carbon-Kevlar strips running the length of the ski, and ABS sidewalls to absorb vibrations, the Camox pivots easily and rails turns on a firm edge. It's a lively ski that responds well underfoot. "This ski has no speed limit," says ex-racer Kelsey Barnes. "Ski it like a super G ski and it's still as stable as a rock, responsive, and energetic."