Better Bindings

From the Dynafit Radical FT 2.0 to the Look Pivot Dual WTR, these are the bindings to click in to this winter


Dynafit Radical FT 2.0

MSRP: $649
Weight: 1,260g/pair
DIN: 5-12
Intended Use: Touring
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Gone are the days debating whether to lock the toe piece on Dynafits for the descent. The Radical 2.0 pivots the toe five millimeters to the right and to the left, which adds security to the binding in ski mode. The new and improved Radical also updates the heel, adding an extra 10 millimeters of forward pressure to absorb impacts, and redesigns the brake: Spin the heel clockwise to enable hike mode and the brake pins up. Turn the heel counterclockwise to enable ski mode and the brake snaps back down. All said and done, the Radical 2.0 will save your skis and your knees.


Look Pivot Dual WTR

MSRP: $375
Weight: 2,290g/pair
DIN: 5-14
Intended Use: Resort
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Still made to charge, the Pivot Dual is the newest in the time-tested Pivot line and is now multi-norm compatible. It's guaranteed to keep you locked in for your most aggressive skiing while the turntable heel puts your knees first by maintaining the industry standard for having the most elasticity and fastest rebound to center. To stay compatible with emerging boot sole tech, this binding works with WTR rockered and alpine standard soles, allowing for quick, easy adjustment between the two.


Marker Kingpin

MSRP: $649
Weight: 1,460g/pair
DIN: 6-13
Intended Use: Touring
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The Kingpin is a lightweight touring option that provides retention, releaseability, and bomber skiability. While the toe maintains the two-point connection, the heelpiece has an alpine-like wide contact around the boot. This not only provides retention and release, but the reliable "thunk" of stepping in. Going between walk and ski mode is not the easiest, and the heelpiece has a lot of plastic, but if you want just one setup, the Kingpin is all you need.


Tyrolia Attack 14 AT

MSRP: $325
Weight: 2,080g/pair
DIN: 4-14
Intended Use: Resort
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Featuring a three-piece heel that uses metal to attach skier to ski, the new Attack 14 might be the most user-friendly multi-norm compatible binding on the market. Which makes a difference when trying to step into your skis in tight situations, as well as having a solid connection on the descent. All said and done, it's a lightweight, affordable option.


Marker Jester 16 ID

MSRP: $425
Weight: 2,010g/pair
DIN: 6-16
Intended Use: Resort
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As boot options have evolved in the past five years, bindings are now starting to catch up. The Marker Jester 16 ID is compatible with most touring and alpine boots, saving you at least a little bit from the complicated gear dance. The Jester is also reliable, sturdy, and on the lighter side for a resort binding.


Salomon Warden MNC 13

MSRP: $300
Weight: 2,264g/pair
DIN: 4-13
Intended Use: Resort
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Alpine boots, Walk to Ride boots, touring boots, all are equal in the eyes of the Salomon Warden MNC. A sliding pedal on the toepiece accommodates most any ski boot, regardless of sole style or shape. Double-check with your bootfitter as some low-volume touring slippers are not compatible. But otherwise, click in and go.