Salomon Sense Pro 2
Salomon Sense Pro 2

The Best Shoe For Going Far

The Salomon Sense Pro 2 is perfect for long or short missions up the mountain

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Price: $98 - $130

Weight: 265 grams

Materials: Mesh, nylon, synthetics

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I used to be a heavy hiking shoe guy. I wanted something burly, element resistant, and tough. Then I happened upon a pair of Salomon’s Sense Pro 2 trail-running shoes. I saw the light.

I run hot. My feet, especially, run hot. My previous shoes had Gore and thick soles, but my feet were always heavy, steamy piles of bricks. The Sense Pros meanwhile are light, breathable, and make me feel fleet of foot. I’ve been spending a lot more time in the Southwest lately, where I’m often scrambling or wading through pools of water. Here, I don’t need my shoes to be waterproof. I want them to be airy.

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For a versatile, lightweight shoe for going up mountains—or doing just about anything else outside–I can’t say enough about the minimalist Salomon Sense Pro 2. Its simplicity is what makes it great. Tech details include a mesh upper for breathability, a thick cushion for comfort, and great traction for slick rocks. I find shoelaces while hiking to be a clumpy pain, so the Quicklace pull for tightening the shoes is ideal. They also have a narrow, snug fit—ideal for my tiny feet.

I’ve used these shoes for running on the road, a beach, and a trail. I’ve hiked to the tops of mountains, clambered through slot canyons, and scrambled through boulder fields in them. I’ve danced around campfires, jumped in pools of water, and ridden bikes around town in these shoes.

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I’ve noticed a bit of wear on the upper inside cuffs around the ankles, and a tear on the mesh upper (which you can see in the photo). Otherwise, they’ve withheld the regular, muddy, wet, abrasive situations to which I am constantly exposing them with about as much class as those clodhoppers, and about half the weight. For long hauls or quick runs, my feet feel good with the Salomon Sense Pros.