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Details Details

Price: $825

Lengths: 168, 178, 188

Dimensions: 136-106-126 (178)

Weight: 3lb 8oz

Radius: 23m (178)

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The Kufo 108—one of three in Armada's touring lineup—begs to be your go-to one-ski-quiver for human-powered touring adventures. Inspired by athletes that helped found the company (like Tanner Hall and the late, great JP Auclair), Armada's freeskiing roots shine in the backcountry, where creativity and inspiration know no limits.

With a 138-millimeter shovel boasting rocker optimized for versatility, the Kufo 108's shorter footprint translates easily to quick, agile movements in a pinch or—when paired with its traditional camber—extra edge contact when I needed it. Variable conditions become effortless, so when snow transitioned from soft and dreamy to firm and choppy (ahem, crappy) on spring adventures in Southwest Colorado, I didn't second guess my line.

The current model is 16 percent lighter than the original, thanks in part to its Tour Ultra-Light Core made up of Caruba wood—a tropical wood known for strength without excess weight—and Carbon and Kevlar stringers. The combo keeps the ski relatively light (for a ski with a 138-millimeter shovel), but brings enough strength and stability into the mix to make it worth your while. Translation: snappy and responsive skis in wind-scoured couloirs, even at the end of the day when I had less energy to put into turns.

Uphill travel felt easier with extra width in the shovel and underfoot (108 millimeters in 188-centimeter length) and kept me more on top of the snow than I'd find myself with an average 95-millimeter waisted ski, making breaking trail a touch less painful. At 3 pounds and 8 ounces, the Kufo is light, too. If you’re looking at extra technical, high-consequence terrain, Armada’s Declivity touring ski might be a better fit, but for basically anything else, the Kufo has no boundaries.